Below is additional information on our grant policies and procedures.

Q. What types of projects does the Dan & Patti Rashke (TASC) Foundation fund?
 The Dan & Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation considers support for programs and capital requests that are aligned with its mission and focus areas. Applicants are also encouraged to survey the Foundation’s previously awarded grants and review criteria before introducing your organization.

Q. Does the Foundation fund organizations outside the Greater Madison area?
Yes. The Foundation considers funding organizations with the geographical area of Southern Wisconsin.

Q. Does the Foundation provide grants to individuals?
 No. The Foundation does not provide scholarship or fellowship support for individuals, nor does it make grants that benefit any one individual.

Q. Does the Foundation make multi-year grants?
Yes. The Foundation can make grants over multiple years depending on the type of project involved.

Q. Does the Foundation provide in-kind support?
Due to the Foundation’s unique relationship with TASC, in-kind support can be provided in conjunction with TASC philanthropy efforts. See In-Kind Services for more information.

Q. Will I be required to submit reports showing how my grant is being used?
A. The Foundation appreciates receiving updates on the progress that their investments have made into our community. Reporting requirements will commensurate with the type and amount of grant awarded. See Recipient Accountability for more information.

Q. What should I do if I have additional questions?
A. Contact us here.

Q. Does the Foundation have an application?
We learn about nonprofits through research, community outreach and requests for proposals. If your work aligns well with our criteria, we welcome you to introduce your organization. From there, we invite nonprofits to apply. We do not accept or respond to unsolicited proposals.