TASC Philanthropy

played a vital role in the inception of the Dan & Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation and continues to play a vital role in the inner workings of the foundation.

Not only are the Rashkes deeply involved in giving through the Foundation, but they continue to also use the resources of TASC to make an even greater impact in their community.

Because the total giving of the Rashke family goes beyond that of the Foundation, there are numerous ways grantseekers may receive support. All applications that come through the Foundation will first be considered by the Foundation. Based on facts and circumstances (including requests for in-kind services), it may be more appropriate for the TASC Cares Employee Philanthropy Committee to consider the application. Your application will be shared with TASC Cares as the Foundation sees fit.

In the spirit of this, it is extremely important that all applicants complete the information requested to the fullest extent. Meeting this expectation, as well as those clarified for Recipient Accountability, will help us help you.